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Definition Theatre Company is a Chicago ensemble-based theatre founded by graduates of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Featuring a multi-ethnic core companionship of actors, Definition strives to artistically reflect the myriad of modern America to inspire and engage the communities it represents through contemporary and classical theatrical works. Our mission is to tell language-driven, relationship-oriented, thought-provoking socially relevant stories.


  • Julian Parker
  • Tyrone Phillips

Founding Ensemble Members

  • Aurora Adachi-Winter
  • Kelson Michael McAuliffe
  • Jessica Dean Turner
  • Julian Parker
  • Tyrone Phillips
  • Mercedes White

Definition Theatre Company is a member of Victory Garden Theater's Resident Theater Company program that aims to be an incubator for existing storefront theaters in Chicago and further each company’s growth and stability. 

Stay In It,” the rallying cry of DTC, is defined as persistence and determination across the board from the audience to the actor. And while this ambitious company has their work cut out for them as they continue to lay the foundation for unfolding their own myth, there’s no doubt they’ll be just fine as long as they heed their own call.
— New City