The River Jordan

By ensemble member Mercedes White
Directed by Alana Arenas

Monday, January 9th @ 7:30pm


Steppenwolf's 1700 Theatre
1700 N Halsted St

About the show

The River Jordan is a story about a man who, despite his best efforts, continues to disappoint the women in his family and ultimately becomes homeless. This new play investigates what it means to be homeless and sheds light on the fact that every single person on the street, or in a shelter, under a bridge, or in a box, whom we pass and deem as “less than”, comes from somewhere. They belong to someone. Steppenwolf ensemble member Alana Arenas directs this staged reading.


The Cast 

Jordan        Julian Parker*
Jasmine      Kiayla Jackson
Mother      Penelope Walker

*Definition Theatre ensemble member

The Production team

Director - Alana Arenas
Playwright - Mercedes White